• CSIS is customer centric service provider
  • CSIS imbibed new technologies and trends in achieving Operational excellence
  • CSIS continuously strive to achieve excellence in its processes and services
  • CSIS focuses on bringing best HR Practices including welfare measures to its employees to motivate and sustain its employees
  • CSIS has strong ethical system and policy
  • CSIS will redress the customer grievances timely
  • CSIS provides continuous Training & Development initiatives to its employees thereby ensuring that skilled and employable personnel are deployed at client place
  • CSIS maintains high standards of grooming of its employees and also conducts wellness  programmes to its employees to ensure the best practices and to maintain high standards of discipline at workplace
  • CSIS Operations Team will visit the client premises frequently and interact with clients on the service standards and also collect feedback from the client to improve the service standards and thereby achieving the service excellence
  • CSIS maintains and comply 100% with all statutory requirements